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Mompox St. Peter Tears

$ 84.99

Go natural, go green with this eye-catching piece! If you love coffee and are unique this is for you to see! This design incorporates St. Peter’s tears and coffee beans for an authentic look. Great addition for any casual outfit or for that special gift.

-Collection:  St. Peter’s tears.

- Handcrafted (hand-picked natural seeds)

- Handmade by Katerin

- Measures approximately 20inches (50cm) in length

- Care: avoid wet conditions and extreme humidity

- Made in Colombia

-Materials:  St. Peter's tears and coffee beans

These seed beads come from the Amazon rain-forest. They are natural shades of white & gray and somewhat in a tear-like shape.These seeds are quite durable, with a rock-hard shell that has a naturally varnished look.