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Oh yeah, these are our raw materials – thanks Mother Nature!!!



 Whenever we are at events promoting artyfactos, or simple – and often, get compliments on the streets about the jewelry we wear, the next question we get after we share our story is: “Could I learn more about it ?”

Well, there is a lot to learn about how inspirational artisans leverage unimaginable / unthinkable raw materials to hand-craft these unique art pieces. In a glimpse, these are the main natural and / or recycled materials used to create our magnificent collections. Enjoy…

BTW: do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or have design/color requests…




Ta-What? – Tagua Nut

Tagua comes from palms reaching up to 20 m tall. They are commonly known as ivory palms. Tagua is also known as vegetable ivory. Vegetable ivory stimulates local economies in South America, provides an alternative to cutting down rainforest for farming and prevents elephants from being killed for the ivory in their tusks. Because of its size and consistency, it can be used as the whole seed, or sliced, cut through or as a combination of all the above. We use this versatile seed to craft gorgeous jewelry pieces that bulge from masses making you stand out from the crowd.




Orange Peel

Many may see the peel of an orange as an obstacle; something they must discard in order to enjoy the sweet pulp inside. Over 15 million tons of orange peel are eliminated every year, contaminating the environment. We value the outside of the orange as much as the inside. Orange peel is collected from street juice vendors and restaurants; it is washed, dried and dyed with natural colors. Then it is combined with other fruit seeds creating exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry that will make every woman feel chic and pretty. Oh…and wait until you smell them!


Acai Berry

Acai-Berry seeds come from palm trees indigenous to Central and South America. The seeds are boiled with dyes and are immunized at the same time. We then combine them with other seeds, natural fiber and orange peel to create the most beautiful pieces of art.


St. Peter’s Tears (aka Job’s Tears)

These seed beads come from the rainforest of the Amazon. They are natural shades of white & gray and somewhat in a tear-like shape.

These seeds are quite durable, with a rock-hard shell that has a naturally varnished look. We use them on their own or combine them with red beans and coffee beans to make exquisite pieces of jewelry that will make you look astonishing.



Melon Seeds

Collected from convenience stores and restaurants, the seeds are cleaned, painted with natural dyes and left to dry. After the seeds are selected, light yet voluminous and strong beautiful necklaces and earrings are made for your enjoyment, and your companion.




Bombona comes from a palm tree in Central and South America. Every seed is unique, with its own form and markings. With this beautiful seed we conceive statement jewelry pieces that will provoke compliments and admiration wherever you go.



Collected from the coffee zone in Colombia, these coffee beans do not meet with the regulation standards and would have been sent to landfills. Once they have been collected, our artisans produce beautiful necklaces and earrings. Oh…and did we tell you about how good they smell – forever? Really!!