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Our Story


 Hola, I am an engineer from Colombia who moved to the USA 15 years ago.  Every time my sister and I went to visit our parents, we bought beautiful pieces of jewelry made by artisans there.  Once back here, we would get compliments on the jewelry from friends, coworkers and even bystanders on the streets who would stop us and inquire about those pieces.  We were so immerse in our own jobs that never thought about making it a business; nevertheless, we would get some as presents to our beloved friends. And guess what… the same happened to them.

In my family, we do believe that one of the best ways to positively impact our planet is through entrepreneurship.   As business individuals we have the duty to create social impact while protecting our planet.

After long commutes to work sites, an MBA from Babson College and three girls, we decided to start artyfactos.

Love and social responsibility stand behind every piece of our jewelry.  We use safe, natural and recycled materials to create our unique pieces of jewelry. Orange peel, coffee beans, melon seeds, tagua nut, kidney beans, bombona and acai seeds are combined with natural fiber strings, creating the most beautiful and unexpected pieces of art.

We not only generate employment for artisans in Latin America, who have no chance to securing employment in the mainstream labor market in their countries, but also source to businesses and support women entrepreneurs in the United States.

With a deep and unshakable respect for both the planet and the people who are a part of every piece we create, we offer our designs as keepsakes to be cherished for many years to come.