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Buga Bombona

$ 39.99

Create looks around you with this compelling piece. The Cali Bombona necklace has a long string design and features small acai berry seeds all around! The larger seeds add style and uniqueness to this charming piece. Dress it up or down for a stylish look!

Collection: Bombona.

-Handcrafted (hand-picked natural seeds)

-Materials:  Bombona seed, Acai Berry

- Adjustable

- Care: avoid wet conditions and extreme humidity

- Made in Colombia

Acai-Berry seeds come from palm trees indigenous to Central and South America. The seeds are boiled with dyes and are immunized at the same time. Bombona comes from a palm tree in Central and South America. Every seed is unique, with its own form and markings. With this beautiful seed we conceive statement jewelry pieces that will provoke compliments and admiration wherever you go.