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Paipa Acai Berry

$ 39.99

This luxurious, unique, and eco-friendly rose necklace is handmade with orange peel and acai seeds for an exotic look!  The combination of natural materials, textures and colors makes this necklace a conversation piece.

Collection: Acai-Orange Peel Necklace,

-Handcrafted (hand-picked natural seeds)

- Handmade by Betty

- Measures approximately 15 inches (40 cm) in length

- Care: avoid wet conditions and extreme humidity

- Made in Colombia

-Materials:  Acai Berry, Orange Peel

Acai-Berry seeds come from palm trees indigenous to Central and South America. The seeds are boiled with dyes and are immunized at the same time. Orange peel is collected from street juice vendors and restaurants; it is washed, dried and dyed with natural colors. Then it is combined with other fruit seeds creating exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry that will make every woman feel chic and pretty. Oh…and wait until you smell them!